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Four Purposes and Evenlode Values

Four Purposes and our Values.

The Curriculum for Wales 2022 includes the four purposes which are the shared vision and aspiration for every child and young person. The purposes of the Curriculum for Wales 2022 are encapsulated in the four capacities - to enable each child or young person to be a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen and an effective contributor.

At Evenlode our curriculum is underpinned by the four purposes as we plan activities and experiences to enable all pupils to fulfil each purpose during their time at the school. We also focus on these through our Values.


Our Values:        

Our values are underpinned by the Four Purposes:

  • As ethical informed citizens, we are respectful and compassionate
  • As enterprising, creative contributors, we are determined and able to think ‘outside the box’
  • As ambitious, capable learners, we are resilient and inquisitive
  • As healthy and confident individuals, we are positive, kind and happy


These Values have been decided by a range of people in our community: children, staff and governors. 


Our Values are discussed and celebrated in our assemblies and our Evenlode Tea Parties, where children who have demonstrated our Values have a celebration together weekly. 

Each term we have a focus on different values. 






Four purposes

           Values for certificates

Focus half term for assemblies and certificates

Ethical informed citizens


Respect and compassion

Autumn 1 2023

Enterprising, creative contributors

Determination and thinking outside the box

Autumn 2 2023

Ambitious, capable learners


Resilience and being inquisitive

Spring 1 2024

Healthy and confident individuals

Positive, kind and happy

Spring 2 2024

Ethical informed citizens


Respect and compassion

Summer 2024

Our Pupil Parliament has been thinking about the activities that would link to these values and have designed our Evenlode Adventure Board. 

Evenlode Adventure Board