Evenlode Primary School

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Maths and Numeracy


At Evenlode we teach maths and numeracy by using a range of resources to support us in delivering the Welsh Government Skills Framework. Lessons are pacy, where children complete tasks as groups, pairs and individuals, allowing them to talk and reason through their answers. During these lesson we encourage children as they progress to ask as well as answer questions. All activities are differentiated to ensure each child is working at a task suited to their ability. As well as ‘daily maths lessons’ children are also taught maths through other curriculum areas allowing them to develop the skills they have learnt.


Pupils will develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of maths through oral, practical, and play activities. They will enjoy using and applying mathematics in practical tasks, in real-life problems and within mathematics itself. They will use a variety of ICT resources as tools for exploring number, for obtaining real-life data and for presenting their findings.


They will explore, estimate and solve real-life problems in both the indoor and outdoor environment. They will develop their understanding of measures, investigate the properties of shape and develop an early idea of position and movement through practical experiences. They will sort, match, sequence and compare objects and events, explore and create simple patterns and relationships, and present their work in a variety of ways.

Maths Guidelines

Please download our Maths guidelines which will help you to support your child in mathematics throughout their time in Evenlode. They will give you a guide to what your child should know by the end of the year. They also contain ideas on games that you can play with your child to support their learning at home.

Educational Games