Evenlode Primary School

Always being our best, for ourselves and for each other

School Vision and Values

Our vision and values are underpinned by the Four Purposes and have been developed by our whole school community- children, staff and governors and parents.


Our school vision:

At its heart, Evenlode Primary School is a community where we want everyone to flourish. Our school is a happy, caring, safe place to be. We enable children to develop their own talents and to achieve their own individual potential. We value everyone and we support children to thrive, as individuals and as part of a team. We have a creative, broad and experiential curriculum, where we make connections across a range of learning experiences to develop talents, skills and knowledge, confidence, curiosity and compassion.


Our school motto:

Always being our best, for ourselves and for each other’


Our school values: 

  • As ethical informed citizens, we are respectful and compassionate
  • As enterprising, creative contributors, we are determined and able to think ‘outside the box’
  • As ambitious, capable learners, we are resilient and inquisitive
  • As healthy and confident individuals, we are positive, kind and happy


Our values are developed through our assemblies and celebrated through our reward systems. 

Four purposes

           Values for certificates

Focus half term for assemblies and certificates

Ethical informed citizens


'respect' and 'compassion'

Autumn 1 2023

Enterprising, creative contributors

'determination' and 'thinking outside the box'

Autumn 2 2023

Ambitious, capable learners


'resilience' and 'being inquisitive'

Spring 1 2024

Healthy and confident individuals

Being 'positive', 'kind' and 'happy'

Spring 2 2024

Ethical informed citizens


'respect' and 'compassion'

Summer 2024