Evenlode Primary School

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Year 6





Welcome to Chestnut and Oak!


Come and meet the team!  The class teachers are:


Mr G Jennings – Oak          Miss V Bieri – Chestnut






Our Topics:


Autumn – POWER - World War II


Spring – EVOLUTION - Survival and Story writing


Summer – MOVEMENT - Space, The 1960s and Civil Rights




During the Autumn Term we will be looking at the book 'Letters From The Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll with the hook of 'Power'.  Our class books allow the pupils to learn through immersing themselves in a novel. 

We work on a variety of different writing genres, including descriptions, newspaper reports, short stories, letters and explanation/factual texts. Throughout the year, we work on a variety of reading skills, including referring to the text and using inference and deduction to ‘read between the lines’.




In Maths we cover a wide range of topics in line with the Curriculum for Wales. These include the four operations, Place Value, Shape and Space, Measures and Data Handling. Opportunities for problem solving and investigation work are provided across these topics. Lessons are differentiated to ensure all pupils are receiving work appropriate to their level of ability. Pupils answer a range of mental maths questions on a daily basis.



Please ensure that all uniform is clearly displayed with your child’s name. Missing uniform can be found in the lost property box.



PE kits are to be worn into school each Monday and Friday for our Games/PE sessions. Pupils do not need their normal uniform on this day.



Water bottles are kept in a box in the classroom and children may drink throughout the day. This is in addition to any drink’s bottle included with a packed lunch. Please ensure this water bottle is clear and contains only water and their name is clearly marked. Water bottles can be purchased from the office.


HOMEWORK - SEESAW All homework at Evenlode is completed via Seesaw, an online learning journal.  Students use creative tools to enter text, to take pictures, draw, record videos and more to capture learning in a portfolio.  Children are issued with individual logins at the start of the year to be able to access their own journal and complete teacher created activities that are assigned on Fridays and submitted by Tuesday mornings.    Seesaw is available from on a computer, or you can install the Seesaw Class App on an iOS or Android device.  


Year group guidelines to help you support your child through the year.

Can you write correctly using cursive? Clear explanations available here.

A guide to help you support you child when learning their spellings.

Throughout their time in Evenlode, the children learn to read and spell the 124 High Frequency Word, the words used most often. Click here to find out how you can help.

KiVa is the anti-bullying scheme adopted by Evenlode. 

Educational games for children

Take advantage of these great games to support your work in class!