Evenlode Primary School

Always being our best, for ourselves and for each other

Our Anti Racist Journey

We challenge racism and promote kindness, tolerance and respect in our school. We believe that we all belong together and that everyone should flourish. We want everyone to enjoy their time at Evenlode Primary School and to achieve to the best of their individual potential. We show resilience and determination in all that we do- and we will always challenge unfairness and discrimination wherever we see it. 

We want to ensure that all will be treated equally in all aspects of school life. We aim

  • to ensure that all learners have equal access to a rich, broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum
  • To advance equality of opportunity by ensuring that teaching, learning and curriculum promotes equality and celebrates diversity.
  • To eliminate any discrimination or harassment. We want to ensure that no-one in our community (child or adult) is unfairly treated as a consequence of age, disability, gender, gender-identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnic or national origin, disability or religious beliefs.
  • To recognise and celebrate diversity within our community. 

We want to ensure that pupils, parents and staff all feel the same sense of belonging and attachment to the school irrespective of their background.

As such, we are part of an action research project to ensure that wherever we can have influence, we are a leading example of how to ensure all our children are equally empowered. 


We are taking part in action research involving the following:

  • A commitment to creating a listening culture with an aim to a collaborative approach to enabling open and difficult conversations about identity, race and unconscious bias, leading to a better understanding and ability to respond to the experiences and feelings of our families. 
  • Staff training and reading on unconscious bias
  • Continually reviewing our curriculum to ensure it is inclusive and diversified
  • Investing in resources in our learning environments to ensure a diversity of representation



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